Tnreginet guideline value: Tnreginet Registration 2020-21

Tnreginet guideline value | Tnreginet Registration |TNREGINET – Tamil Nadu Encumbrance Certificate

Tnreginet guideline value: Inspector General of Registration (IGRS) of Tamil Nadu or TNREGINET is an online portal which is developed by the Government of Tamil Nadu in order to simplify the process of registration of marriage, birth, death, firm, chit fund, and many more. While through this portal you can also check, search, or download for encumbrance certificate from any part of the world. This portal also has detailed information related to stamp and registration fees pertaining to different categories. Whereas, you can also check for property valuation through this portal. The portal offers, various services to the people of the state. Now citizens can apply online for all the services which are provided by the government of Tamil Nadu.

List of Services Offered at Tnreginet Portal

• Online application of Encumbrance certificate

• Online application for Marriage certificate

• Online certified document

• Online application of the letter documents

• Online application of Society document

• Online EC Status Check

• The Registration process of marriage, birth, death, firm, chit fund.

Tnreginet guideline value: Tnreginet Registration 2020

Benefits of TNREGINET Portal

• It’s a one of it’s kind portal. It has simplified, make the registration process fast and transparent.  Now, the registration procedure is completely hassle-free.

• Another best part of this portal is you don’t need to be physically present at the sub-registrar office for availing any services. While you can avail of all the services of this  portal Tamil Nadu government just by sitting at home on a computer or phone.

• The previous procedure of registration is too cumbersome for the people especially for those who are living outside the country. However, with the commencement of TNREGINET, things have become very convenient.

• While the use of web camera-based retinal and biometric authentication of the users for different purposes has been introduced by digitization which has also reduced the use of more paperwork.

• As a result there is a reduction in the time period required for the entire procedure as well.

• One can easily book an online appointment for various verification purposes at the sub-registrar office.

• Moreover, Market Valuation of land or property can also be judged in real-time.

• This portal has simplified the whole procedure of checking status and of verification required in the registration procedure.

• It allows you to track the status of your application also.

• While on a real-time basis, the SMS services helps to keep track of the status of every application.

• It helps in Reporting and Financial Management of Information system.

• Transparency is one of the most beneficial benefit of this entire system.

• The commencement of this portal has almost made it impossible to give a bribe at the Taluka division or sub-registrar office. On the other side, an appeal was also made by the Tamil Nadu registration department on the website to the people to report if any employee demand bribe at the vigilance department.

What is the Tnreginet guideline value?

The Guideline value of a land is the estimated market value of a land according to the Government records. While under some real ideal conditions, the guideline value should somehow truly reflect the market value. But however, in majority of the cases, guideline value is actually lower than the market value, but sometimes it can also be higher than the actual market value. The Guideline values have been fixed by the government for all the areas in the State of Tamil Nadu.

Guideline value by street name

However, the Well established residential areas have street based guideline values. On the other side, such properties which are not formed into streets, for them the guideline value is fixed on the basis of the survey number of that particular property.

Guideline value of a property plays an crucial role while in making the decision whether to purchase a property Or not and its subsequent registration as well. Guideline value are of utmost help to the registering officer it allows them to detect the under valuation of property so as to avoid registration charges

While on the other hand, if the guideline value is unreasonably higher when compared with the market value, in such instances it can be brought to the notice of the concerned District Registrar, Deputy Inspector General of Registration, and Inspector General of Registrations for correction of the anomaly purpose. One can easily check the guideline value simply by just searching like guideline value in Thanjavur.

How to Find Property Guideline Value?

If you wants the find the Property Guideline Value, then you just need to follow the following steps.

Step 1: Visit the Tamil Nadu Registration Department’s official website, which is

Step 2: On the left side of the window, select the zone for which you need to check guideline value and then select search by street name on the right side of the panel.

Step 3: Now you need to enter the street name or part of the street name and then double click on the search to find the guideline value of a property further in the next screen.

Step 4: Based on your search query, the details of the guideline value thus including street name, village name, sub-registrar office, guideline value and property classification will be provided.

Step 5: You can also used the same website to find guideline value by using category, wherein based on the sub-registrar office and the village, guideline value is published for various categories of land like commercial, residential, industrial and agricultural with some additional classifications as well.

Tnreginet guideline value for Various Cities

• Vellore region Property Tnreginet Guideline Value

Guideline value Vellore has a minimum guideline value of Rs.50 per sqft and leads to a maximum of Rs.5200 per sqft. However, Vellore ranks at 9th position in Tamil Nadu, thus having the highest guideline value of Rs.5200 per sqft. Well, Vellore has 2 revenue districts that consist of 14 Taluks and 111 villages with 8360 streets. Vellore is one of the largest zones in Tamil Nadu which has 4.2% of the total streets of Tamil Nadu. It has 36 sub-registrar offices with the help of which any property including land, house, etc in Vellore can be registered in the respective sub-registrar office (SRO).

• Chennai region Property Guideline Value

The minimum guideline value street wise chennai is of Rs.40 per sqft and leads to a maximum of Rs.23500 per sqft. Therefore, Chennai ranks at 1st position in Tamil Nadu state, for having the most highest guideline value of Rs.23500 per sqft. While Chennai has 3 revenue district which consist of 21 Taluks and 635 villages with 63169 streets. Chennai is counted among the largest zones which has 31.7% of the total streets of Tamil Nadu. While it has 59 sub registrar office through which any property including land, house etc in Chennai can be registered in the respective sub registrar office (SRO).

• Korattur region Property Guideline Value

The minimum Guideline value in Korattur is Rs.550 per sqft and the maximum is Rs.5500 per sqft. However, Korattur ranks at 119th position in Tamil Nadu state, for having the highest guideline value of Rs.5500 per sqft though it’s not at a very high rank. Korattur encompasses nearly 575 streets. Among villages across Tamil Nadu, Korattur ranks in 24th position in having the maximum number of streets. Korattur has got nearly 4.90% of the streets in Ambattur taluk.

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• Coimbatore region Property Guideline Value

The Tnreginet guideline value in Coimbatore has a minimum value of Rs.30 per sqft and a maximum is Rs.9500 per sqft. It ranks at 3rd position in the Tamil Nadu, for the highest guideline value of Rs.9500 per sqft. While it has 4 revenue districts which have 22 Taluks and 299 villages with 23626 streets. It is the largest zones which have 11.8% of the total streets of Tamil Nadu. While it comprises of 54 sub-registrar office that helps in the Registration of any property including land, house, etc in Coimbatore at the respective sub-registrar office (SRO).

• Madurai region Property Guideline Value

Guideline Value in Madurai has a minimum value of Rs.15 per sqft and a maximum of Rs.10000 per sqft. However, Madurai ranks at 5th position in Tamil Nadu, for having the highest guideline value of Rs.10000 per sqft. It is considered one of the highest guideline values. It consists of 7 revenue districts which include 36 Taluks and 273 villages with 20314 streets. Madurai is one of the largest zones which has 10.2% of the total streets of Tamil Nadu. While it has 71 sub-registrar offices through which any property including land, house, etc in Madurai can be registered in the respective sub-registrar office (SRO).

Documents Required for the Registration Process

Given below are the duly stamped signed and executed document required for the registration process:

• There is a requirement of sale deed and the claimant of the sale document also appear before the registering officer for registration of the sale deed.

• A Patta transfer application along with the court fee of Rs. 7 is required which is duly filled and signed. Whereas, in case, if PAN No. is not provided in the document, then Form 60/61 statement is mandatory if the value of the property tends to exceeds Rs. 5/- lakh.

• You will be charged a registration fee along with a computer fees and sub-division fees. Also at the end, receipts will be given by the registering officer for all the amounts received.


Question 1: How to log in tnreginet?

In order to log in to Tnreginet, you need to follow the following procedure. Here are the steps:

Step 1: Open the Official Website of Tnreginet.

On the home page click on the registration option and then drop-down list will appear on your screen.

Step 2: Double click on the “User Registration” option.

Tnreginet guideline value: Tnreginet Registration 2020

Step 3: Further a new page will appears from where you get will note and password hint.

Step 4: Now you need to select the user type, user name, password, security question, email, date of birth, gender, mobile number, select type of ID proof, enter the number of ID Proof, Address, and other required information.

Step 5: Enter the code and OTP you have received through registered Email id or registered mobile number.

Step 6: Click on the “Complete Registration” option to submit the application form or to log in.

Tnreginet guideline value: Tnreginet Registration 2020

Question 2: How to download document in tnreginet?

To download any document in tnreginet you just need to follow these simple steps.

Step 1: Open the official website of tnreginet.

Step 2: Log in by entering your user name and password.

Step 3: Select the document you want to download.

Step 4: Now double click on the download option.

Question 3: How to enter survey number in tnreginet?

While to enter survey number at tnreginet you just need to follow the following steps.

Step 1: You need to type “1” in the Survey Number column and then type “1PART” in the Sub Division column.

Step 2: After entering the number, a new row will appear in the new row you need to type the next survey number and subdivision number.

Step 3: Likewise you can enter all the Survey Number in a similar way.

Question 4: How to download EC from tnreginet?

You can download Tamil Nadu encumbrance certificate through the official website of tnreginet. Given below is a step-by-step procedure to show you how you can easily download for Tamil Nadu encumbrance certificate.

Step 1: first log into Inspector General of Registration (IGRS) Tamil Nadu official website at TNREGINET Portal.

Step 2: Then on the left-hand side of the page, you can see the “E-Services” tab on the menu bar.

Step 3: Double tab on it, “Encumbrance Certificate” will open.

Step 4: Click on “View EC” tab.

Step 5: Further it will be redirected to another page then select from two options— “EC” or “Document-wise” as you want to download.

Step 6: To download ec, select ”EC”, then fill in the required fields, such as zone, district, Sub-Registrar Office, EC start date, EC end date, and village, and other required details.

Step 7: Enter the captcha visible on the screen and click on the “search” button to check the concerned EC certificate.

Step 8: Else, you can also view a certificate by selecting the “Document-wise” option.

Step 9: After selecting, fill in all the required fields, such as Sub-Registrar Office, document number, year, and document type.

Step 10: Enter the captcha and then click on the “search” button to download the concerned EC certificate.

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